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If you are in the Buffalo, NY area looking for a great dessert cafe, stop by Dessert Deli for a delicious treat you won't forget. In fact, you'll probably find yourself craving our desserts afterwards. We are your complete solution for all things desserts. We have specialty cakes, cookies, gift baskets, cupcakes, brownies and so much else. If you don't need special cakes or desserts for events and you just want to treat yourself to something delicious, we have the classic desserts that you know and love. 

cupcake trayOur Desserts Are Different

It is no secret that you can get desserts anywhere. But there is a reason you shouldn't just get your desserts from anywhere. We take the time to hand craft each dessert with the finest ingredients for the best results. Our ingredients are fresh for maximum taste. We wanted to be more than just a standard dessert cafe that only provides a few options for desserts. Which is why we proudly provide a wide variety of desserts to pick from. 
Our bakers are true artists that create new art each and every week. Constantly, they are testing their abilities and creating new masterpieces for our customers to enjoy with their eyes and taste buds! You eat our art! Our customers frequently stand by and watch in amazement as they see our bakers working to create our desserts. After starting out as such a small dessert cafe and growing into what we are now, we know we have something special for our customers to enjoy.

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Call us or go online and shop directly from our website. You can search by category or simply use the search bar to find what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you with our delicious desserts.

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