Gourmet Bakery in Buffalo, NY

About Dessert Deli Gourmet Bakery and Cafe

Dessert deli is an award-winning gourmet bakery established in 1987 located just outside of Buffalo, NY and serving the entire WNY region.  Our products range from cookies and cupcakes to novelty cakes, birthday cakes, and wedding cakes.  We also take pride in our delicious pies, cheesecakes, and miniature desserts.

Designing a wedding cake or a custom novelty cake for any special occasion is an education in itself.  Not only will you learn about the need for structure, color coordination and different design techniques, but our designers also learn from you.  Many times our customers bring us the most creative ideas.  It is not unusual for the creative process to start working with that single idea and grow from there.  We understand that your input into your design is a critical piece of the process.  We encourage it, in fact, we will give you cake samples to fuel the creative energy!

Dessert DeliOur famous cutout cookies, melt in your mouth.  That is if you can bring yourself to eat them!  The decorations tend to make you stare at them for a while.  

Our cupcake flavors make you feel like your a kid playing in Mom's kitchen again, rich cake with delicious buttercream frosting in many flavors.

If you do not need an entire cake, pie or cheesecake, you will have fun selecting a dessert from our individual pastry line.  Several assorted flavors to choose from daily!  One more creative and tasty, then the next.

We also make gift giving easy.  Gift baskets and cookie trays are much appreciated by all.  We have found there is always room for a cookie or 2 or 3!

We know when that happens, we will be seeing you soon!